Introducing our LiveBinders Certified Trainers’ Program!

We are excited to announce our new certified training program where we can help you hone your teaching skills around LiveBinders. We hope to build a community of certified trainers that can help our education, non-profit, and business communities organize their resources for success!
  • Learn more about creating LiveBindersblogpost
  • Stay connected with our training community
  • Keep informed about new features
  • And much more!
If you are interested in becoming LBI Certified, and would like to meet our first group of trainers, please visit our Trainers page at:

2 thoughts on “Introducing our LiveBinders Certified Trainers’ Program!

    1. Hi Kathleen, There is no cost on your part. There is a test to take but it is more of a learning tool and we work with your on any points you may not understand. If you fill out the “contact form’ on this page, it will explain in more detail the benefits and expectations.

      Let us know what you think! Tina

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