Rounded Tabs are Back!

July 19, 2015

curved_tabsWe have had several requests to bring back rounded tabs, so we have added that feature for our subscribers. You can have all rounded tabs in your binder or just one or two rows. This is a good way to differentiate tabs from sub tabs or base tabs when you are using multiple tab colors.


LiveBinders for Conferences is Here!

June 26, 2015

LiveBinders Quick AppHave you ever wanted to gather all the information from a conference and have it organized to share with others as soon as the conference is over? LiveBinders Quick is a new app designed just for that. LiveBinders Quick lets you snap a QR code, write a note and instantly add it to your conference binder. After, you can simply send the binder link out to others so that they will have access to the same great materials.

Conference organizers, here is a way to go paperless at your conference for free! There is no cost to you or your participants. We would love to talk to you! All you would do is ask presenters to put a QR code on the door with their presentations or handouts, you can quickly and easily be running a paperless conference. No matter what your presenters are using to present their material, LiveBinders, Prezi, Google Slides, or any other application, it is simple for them to obtain a QR code linking the viewer directly to their material. You can ask your vendors on the floor to post a QR code with handouts as well. Your attendees will be thrilled that you made gathering materials so easy for them.

The LiveBinders Quick Conference App was requested by a LiveBinders customer who got frustrated walking around the conference floor gathering handouts that he had to organize and summarize for his colleagues when he got home. He longed to go paperless and just snap vendor information and presentations into his cell phone.  Now with LiveBinders Quick, he scans QR Codes and jots a quick note to his colleagues about the link. At the end of the conference he sends his colleagues a professional-looking online binder of materials and notes even before getting on the airplane!

To learn how to get started review our LiveBinders Quick Conference App Binder.

Here are the Apps:

Android App

iPad App

iPhone App

Our New Home Page

April 18, 2015

We have a new updated home page!


My favorite part of the this new page is the stories section. Scroll down to the green section and click through on any of the quotes to read the stories.

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends who shared their stories with us!

If you have a LiveBinders story to share, please send it to us with your picture so that we can add it to the site.


More Auto Embed – Pinterest Boards and Vimeo

March 4, 2015

We have just added auto embed for Pinterest boards and Vimeo videos. Unfortunately Pinterest profiles will still need to be embedded with the embed code. But for boards you can either copy/paste the link into your binder or use “LiveBinder It.”

A shout out and thank you to Joy Kirr (@joykirr) who requested auto embed for Pinterest boards.


More Automatic Embed of Content – TED and Prezi

February 28, 2015

Now you can use “LiveBinder it” or copy/paste the link to add both TED and Prezi presentations. We will automatically insert the embed code for you.


We are still working on others, but feel free to send us your request. We want to make binder building as easy as possible.

Automatic Embed of Google Drive Docs

February 20, 2015

Google recently changed things on Drive so that .jpgs, .pdfs, live presentations, and videos require embed codes to sit in a binder.  We now detect that from the url and insert the embed code automatically for you. So all you have to do is insert the url – either through the editor or through “LiveBinder It.”


Google is always changing things though, so be sure and let us know if something isn’t working right for you!

Automatic Embed of YouTube Videos and Apple App Store Pages

February 14, 2015

We just added a time-saving feature that automatically inserts embed codes for YouTube videos and for Apple App Store pages. Now if you use “LiveBinder It” to add a YouTube video to your binder, it will automatically be embedded with no further effort on your part. No more hunting down embed codes!

Please note: if you currently have a YouTube link and it is showing up as an icon/link instead of a video, just go back into the editor and click on “Insert” next to that link. You should see the embedded video.

Look for more enhancements from us like this in the future for things like Google docs and Slideshare.


YouTube Video insert from a link.


App store insert from a link


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