Automatic Embed of Google Drive Docs

February 20, 2015

Google recently changed things on Drive so that .jpgs, .pdfs, live presentations, and videos require embed codes to sit in a binder.  We now detect that from the url and insert the embed code automatically for you. So all you have to do is insert the url – either through the editor or through “LiveBinder It.”


Google is always changing things though, so be sure and let us know if something isn’t working right for you!

Automatic Embed of YouTube Videos and Apple App Store Pages

February 14, 2015

We just added a time-saving feature that automatically inserts embed codes for YouTube videos and for Apple App Store pages. Now if you use “LiveBinder It” to add a YouTube video to your binder, it will automatically be embedded with no further effort on your part. No more hunting down embed codes!

Please note: if you currently have a YouTube link and it is showing up as an icon/link instead of a video, just go back into the editor and click on “Insert” next to that link. You should see the embedded video.

Look for more enhancements from us like this in the future for things like Google docs and Slideshare.


YouTube Video insert from a link.


App store insert from a link

Updates to our Individual Subscription Plans

February 9, 2015

The 1 GB plan has been a popular option for our group subscribers, so we are pleased to be able to offer it to our individual subscribers, as well.  The increased storage will give you the flexibility to add more to your binders. The following changes to our Individual Subscription Plans will take place over the next month:

  1. BASIC PLAN storage and price increase: Our Basic plan will increase from 500 MB to 1 GB in storage size.  New prices will be $49.95 annually for Business users and $24.95 annually for educators and non-profits.  This increase in storage and resulting price will take effect on March 1, 2015 and renew automatically each year.  If you would like to sign up for the new 1 GB Basic Plan now, you can sign up here.
  2. LAST CHANCE to Subscribe at BASIC PLAN current rate: If you are interested in subscribing to the current 500 MB Basic Plan, you can lock in the annual recurring rate of $29.95/year for Business users or $14.95/year for Educators and non-profit users by upgrading to the Basic plan here by February 28, 2015.
  3. GRANDFATHERING for the 500 MB Basic Plan:  Current Basic 500 MB Plan Subscribers can keep their current plan and renew it when the full year is up.
  4. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS renew automatically:  Like our Monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions for individual subscribers will now automatically bill your credit card on the one year anniversary of your subscription start date.  We will continue to send you a reminder that your account will be charged for the next subscription due date and you can cancel your subscription at time before your next payment.

Please note that discounts on our group plans start with just 10 people. If you have any questions, or are interested in our group pricing plans, please contact us at

Table of Contents Update

January 30, 2015

show_tocWe recently introduced a table of contents feature for our subscribers, but we’ve decided to make it available in all binders.  We now automatically generate the table of contents in the player, so it is always current and does not need to be manually updated in the editor. Also, the table of contents is no longer in a tab as it was in our first version.

Just click on the “t” icon next to the “Search” box to show the table of contents for any binder.

opened table of contents

We have also added a binder’s information alongside of the table of contents as shown in the screenshot above so that viewers can see more information about your binder including your description and author name.

Other changes include the ability for subscribers to set the display options for “Views” and “Comments” of a binder in the table of contents.  Subscribers can also set the table of contents as the first thing someone sees when they open the binder.

iPad App Version 1.6 is Now Available!

January 5, 2015

We welcome 2015 with an update to our iPad App!

Featured image

Our iPad app version 1.6 is now available on the App store.  The App gives you the ability to stay logged into your LiveBinders’ account so you can easily access your binders and shelves from your iPad, search for binders, and create a binder.  In addition, you can upload pictures from your iPad Photo Library or take pictures to directly add to your binders.

This version has important updates for iOS 8, and a number of fixes for bugs including an issue when scrolling through a multi-page PDF file, and an issue with “save” in the editor.

Please update your app, and send any suggestions you have for our App to We would love to hear from you!

Embed Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and More

January 2, 2015

We now allow javascript embed codes in LiveBinders, so that you can embed lots of different content in your binder. Here are some examples:

Embed a Twitter Feed

For a twitter feed, you need to create a widget first. Just go to this page and create your widget.


Copy the embed code and use these instructions to insert the embed code in your binder. Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your feed.

Embed a Pinterest Board

You will need to create a Pinterest widget by going to this link.

  1. Select “Board Widget on the left
  2. Add your board url
  3. Select the size (if you roll your own you can make it larger)
  4. Copy the embed code
  5. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your board.

Building a pinterest widget

Embed a LinkedIn Profile

Go to this page on LinkedIn.

  1. Select “Inline” on the left side
  2. Click on “Get Code” below that selection
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: In this case you won’t actually see the profile embedded, you won’t see anything, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your profile.

New Feature – Table of Contents

December 21, 2014

Table of ContentsWe are pleased to announce a new feature for our subscribers with our new editor update – Table of Contents. Now our subscribers can automatically generate a table of contents for the main tabs in their binder.

This is done from the Add Content menu. To update the table of contents, just reinsert it from the Add Content menu.



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