iPad App Version 1.6 is Now Available!

January 5, 2015

We welcome 2015 with an update to our iPad App!

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Our iPad app version 1.6 is now available on the App store.  The App gives you the ability to stay logged into your LiveBinders’ account so you can easily access your binders and shelves from your iPad, search for binders, and create a binder.  In addition, you can upload pictures from your iPad Photo Library or take pictures to directly add to your binders.

This version has important updates for iOS 8, and a number of fixes for bugs including an issue when scrolling through a multi-page PDF file, and an issue with “save” in the editor.

Please update your app, and send any suggestions you have for our App to feedback@livebinders.com. We would love to hear from you!

Embed Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and More

January 2, 2015

We now allow javascript embed codes in LiveBinders, so that you can embed lots of different content in your binder. Here are some examples:

Embed a Twitter Feed

For a twitter feed, you need to create a widget first. Just go to this page https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/ and create your widget.


Copy the embed code and use these instructions to insert the embed code in your binder. Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your feed.

Embed a Pinterest Board

You will need to create a Pinterest widget by going to this link.

  1. Select “Board Widget on the left
  2. Add your board url
  3. Select the size (if you roll your own you can make it larger)
  4. Copy the embed code
  5. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your board.

Building a pinterest widget

Embed a LinkedIn Profile

Go to this page on LinkedIn.

  1. Select “Inline” on the left side
  2. Click on “Get Code” below that selection
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: In this case you won’t actually see the profile embedded, you won’t see anything, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your profile.

New Feature – Table of Contents

December 21, 2014

Table of ContentsWe are pleased to announce a new feature for our subscribers with our new editor update – Table of Contents. Now our subscribers can automatically generate a table of contents for the main tabs in their binder.

This is done from the Add Content menu. To update the table of contents, just reinsert it from the Add Content menu.


A Simpler Editor is Coming Soon!

December 17, 2014

We wanted to give you a little notice that the LiveBinders editor is going to change this weekend. We hope the reorganization and simplification will make things easier to find and eliminate unnecessary clicks.

Here are screenshots of the Add Content Menu and Binder Settings Menu. Each button will open up a sub menu with more information, as shown in the Binder Settings menu screenshot.

Add content menu

Binder Settings Menu

Please let us know if you have a training next week and need early access to these changes by emailing support.

Tabs on the Right

October 12, 2014

You will see lots of great binders with tabs on the side, and this was a highly requested feature that we implemented a while ago. But we still got requests for tabs on the right instead of on the left, because many have felt that the right was a more natural place for them to be in a “binder.” So now you have that option!

This feature is especially convenient if are right-handed and viewing the a binder on an iPad.

Thank you to everyone whose feedback made this possible!


Tabs on right

Latest update to our Text Editor

October 8, 2014

We have recently completed an upgrade to our text editor. One of the main differences is that there is now a button that will appear on top of your text when you are in the editor.  Clicking on this button will launch the new text editor menu bar.Featured image

Once you have launched the text editor, the new menu-bar will be visible and self explanatory. Featured image

Here are the features that you may want to explore:

1. To view the source code of your page – click on “Tools” and “source.” This is useful if you want to go back and edit any embed code that you may have added to your tab. Featured image

2. Like before, in order to add an image to your page, the picture will have to be uploaded to either LiveBinders or another site on the Web.  Once it has been uploaded, you can then insert the picture using the “picture” icon and pasting the URL to that image.  There are 2 places to access that on the menu bar.  The hyperlink menu option is also available next to the “Insert image” icons.Featured image

3. Printing is available from the “File” drop down menu.

4.  When you paste text from a Word file, the editor will now filter out any unnecessary Word code.  You no longer need to use the “W” icon. But note that complex Word formatting – such as tables – may not work as well.

5. The new upgrade is compatible with the iPad Safari browser for iOS8. You can now view PDFs within your binder on the iPad using the 2-finger up and down motion.  (Note: Our iPad App upgrade for iOS8 is not yet available but coming soon!)

LiveBinders iPhone App upgrade version 1.2

October 4, 2014

We are happy to announce our upgrade to our new iPhone App version 1.2!

Offering greater flexibility, version 1.2 gives you the option to log into your LiveBinders account so you can access your personal binders and custom shelves. There are enhanced search capabilities as well.

For those of you using your iPhone to capture photos for your binder, you can now add pictures from your iPhone Photo Library and by taking a picture with your iPhone camera.  You can resize your images to fit inside of your binder tabs and add them directly to your binder.

The LiveBinders iPhone App also lets you scan the QR Code of any LiveBinder, search for Public Binders by title, author name or by categories.  By using the History feature, you can  keep track of previously viewed binders so you can return to them at your convenience.  Great for users who don’t have a LiveBinders account, but need access to binders quickly and easily from their iPhone.

Summary of new features:

You can log into your LiveBinders account to view your Public and Private binders and custom shelves.

You can now upload photos from your iPhone Library and iPhone Camera directly into your binder.Featured image

You can resize your images when you upload them into your binder.

You can now search for binders using the Binder ID filter from our search tool.

Bug fix: You can scroll through your multi-page PDF’s using the two finger swipe motion inside the LiveBinders tab.  You can also view a PDF full-screen by clicking on the uploaded PDF link at the top of the tab page.


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