Search Within a Binder

We have a new feature in LiveBinders that you may notice right away when you open a binder.  On the top bar is the ability to search within a binder.

Search field and results

This feature currently only searches tab names,.  We will eventually add the ability to search other content within the binder, but this should be enough to get you started.

This feature currently only works in “Play” mode and not in “Edit” or “Present” modes.

Thanks so much to everyone who requested this feature!  We really appreciate your feedback.

2 thoughts on “Search Within a Binder

  1. This is utterly fantastic – especially for “deep” LiveBinders where search works for both tabs and subtabs! Way to go!!! I can see adding this info about search along with a QR code to a LiveBinder to the “Home” page for each LiveBinder. An example of adding the QR code (as well as using colored tabs) can be seen in this LiveBinder that my sister created,, as part of an ISTE webinar in which she made great use of LiveBinders!

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