New Improved LiveBinders Search Capability

A few months ago, we switched to an embedded Google search on our site because the original search feature was causing too much load on our servers. But now we are switching back to our own new and improved search tool. This new search will not only look for your search term in the binder name, description, and tags, but also in the tab names. This capability can help you find more relevant binders and it can also help you search within your own binders – if you remember saving something but just can’t seem to remember which binder you saved it in.


Some of the complaints that we received with Google search box were about the delay between when a binder was made public and when it showed up in search.  That should be completely fixed with our new search capability.

We have also added a specific searches by tags, name, and description so that you can put something unusual in one of those fields to make sure your binder shows up in the search results.

If you prefer to search for binders with Google, just go to Google and type in the search box “” with your search terms. That will enable you to search only the LiveBinders site through the Google search engine.

We appreciate all the feedback around search and look forward to hearing how this new search capability works out for you!

Search Within a Binder

We have a new feature in LiveBinders that you may notice right away when you open a binder.  On the top bar is the ability to search within a binder.

Search field and results

This feature currently only searches tab names,.  We will eventually add the ability to search other content within the binder, but this should be enough to get you started.

This feature currently only works in “Play” mode and not in “Edit” or “Present” modes.

Thanks so much to everyone who requested this feature!  We really appreciate your feedback.