Colored Subtabs and Indicator Change

April 22, 2014

Drop down on tab for selecting colorYou can now color individual subtabs in the same way that you can color individual main tabs. We didn’t allow this before because it was too hard to see the selected tab. Now we have changed the selected tab indicator to a triangle that shows up on both the active tab and active subtab. So now you can color-code tabs and subtabs and still see which one is selected.

Thank you to everyone who emailed us to request this feature!


New Improved LiveBinders Search Capability

March 22, 2014

A few months ago, we switched to an embedded Google search on our site because the original search feature was causing too much load on our servers. But now we are switching back to our own new and improved search tool. This new search will not only look for your search term in the binder name, description, and tags, but also in the tab names. This capability can help you find more relevant binders and it can also help you search within your own binders – if you remember saving something but just can’t seem to remember which binder you saved it in.


Some of the complaints that we received with Google search box were about the delay between when a binder was made public and when it showed up in search.  That should be completely fixed with our new search capability.

We have also added a specific searches by tags, name, and description so that you can put something unusual in one of those fields to make sure your binder shows up in the search results.

If you prefer to search for binders with Google, just go to Google and type in the search box “” with your search terms. That will enable you to search only the LiveBinders site through the Google search engine.

We appreciate all the feedback around search and look forward to hearing how this new search capability works out for you!

Pardon Our Dust!

March 9, 2014

We are currently switching LiveBinders over to a new look. This will be a gradual process that will take place over the next month or so, so you may see new changes popping up every time you go to LiveBinders. By implementing the changes slowly, we hope to make it an easier transition for the community.

The first change this week is the top bar inside the binder and on the shelf.

On the shelf:


Inside the binder:


We want your binders look clean, polished, and professional and we think this new look will help.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments as we work through this process!

File Upload Size Increased for Pro Subscribers

March 9, 2014

We have just increased the file size upload limit for our pro subscribers. You can now upload files that are up to 50MB in size.

Thank you to our subscribers who contacted us to request this increase.

Upgrade to pro with 50MB file size uploads

Just Released – Upload Files to Binder Owner’s Account

February 10, 2014

If you are a LiveBinders subscriber, you already have the capability to upload private documents. Now we have added the ability for collaborators to upload to a binder owner’s account. Here are some examples of why people asked for this feature:

  • You may want to have multiple people collaborating on a binder, but if anyone leaves the group, you want those files to be in the binder owner’s account.
  • As an administrator, you may have “evidence of teaching binders” that need to be completed by your teachers.  You can create a template for each teacher, make the teacher a collaborator, then ask that each teacher upload the evidence documents to your account. This will assure that all those documents stay safely in your account.

To use this feature, both the owner of the binder and the collaborator need to be LiveBinders subscribers.

Upload to Binder Owner's Account

A New iPhone App and an Upgrade to Our iPad App

January 8, 2014

iPhone App version 1.0

Last summer one of our Top 10 LiveBinders nominees, David Prindle, shared an interesting story with us. Students from his science class did not have LiveBinders accounts to keep track of his class binders, so instead they used a QR reader downloaded on their iPhones. His students could then get access to his binders directly from their phones, even without the QR code in front of them, using the “History” feature from the QR reader.

We incorporated David’s suggestion to create a simple iPhone App that lets you or your students view and organize public LiveBinders without the need to register for a LiveBinders account. Additionally, you can now search for public binders using our search tool and view presorted “Featured” binders and binders sorted under our “Education” category. Any binder that you view will then be tracked and listed under the “History” tab of the iPhone app for easy access.

Learn more about the iPhone app from this binder:

LiveBinders for iPhone App

To download the app, search for “LiveBinders for iPhone” in your iPhone’s App Store. Thanks to David for sharing that great suggestion with us!

iPad app version 1.5

We recently added a feature that lets you link Evernote notes and any files that are uploaded into your binder. Simply go to your LiveBinders iPad App and select “My Uploads.” Click on the “+” icon at the top. Select “Evernote.” It will prompt you to log into your account. Note: You will need to install the Evernote iPad App for this to work with your account. Once you are logged into Evernote, it will list all of your notes and their attached files as separate links. You can select one item at a time to be added to your binder. Evernote note files and other Microsoft documents will appear as thumbnails in your tab page.  Thanks goes out to our LiveBinder member Justin Stallings for answering all of our initial questions about how useful an Evernote connector would be in our editor.


Quick and Easy Way for Viewers to Find your Binders!

December 8, 2013

You can now search for and share a binder using its ID number. When sharing your binders with others, simply give them the ID number to your binder.  Then they can use that number from our website to open the binder.

To find your Binder ID, look for the “id=” sign in your binder’s URL.  That number is your binder’s ID number.


You can also find your binder’s ID number in the “Binder Settings” window.


When you want to share your binder with your viewers, you can now simply share the binder ID number.  Your viewers can then go to our website,, and click on the “Search” button in the upper right.  They can then select “Binder ID” from the search dropdown menu and type or paste in the binder ID number in the search box. Then click on “Search.”  It will then open your binder.


NOTE:  If the binder is private, it will ask for an access key.


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