An Easy Way to Insert Files in Your Binder

September 19, 2014

Screenshot of uploaded filesWe have just added an easier way to move files into your LiveBinder. Now you can see your uploaded files from inside your binder and add them to a tab with a single click.

We believe this will make life easier for students and teachers who may be filling in a template binder with their materials.

Here is a short video on this new feature:

See Your Student List

September 14, 2014

See a list of student accountsIf you are using our Student Sign-Up feature, where we allow students to sign up with the teacher’s email address, you will now be able to see a list of your students’ account names. Just go to your profile page and click on “See a list of student accounts.”

Please see our help page for more information about student sign-ups.


September 7, 2014

We are pleased to announce that LiveBinders is now more accessible! We have done a lot of work to make the product accessible to the widest possible audience and have a commitment to continue that work moving forward. We still have some improvements to make, but we have come a long way in our accessibility. Here is our Accessibility Statement.

New Upgrades to Base Tabs

September 3, 2014

copy_move_tabYou can now move tabs (and sub tabs) to base tabs. In fact, our new move tab interface lets you easily move any tab anywhere in the binder.

Also in this latest release is the ability to set a default tab color for both sub tabs and base tabs from the Binder Settings menu.

Introducing Base Tabs!

July 27, 2014

Main Sub and Base tabsWe are very pleased to be introducing what is, by far, the most requested LiveBinders’ feature – an additional level of tabs that we are calling base tabs!

This is a feature that is available only to our subscribers, so this may be a good time to upgrade. Educators can get a subscription for as little as $14.95 a year.

To find out more about how this feature works, please check out our newly updated help page.

Thank you to everyone who requested this feature. It took us a while to implement, but your emails and tweets were great encouragement!

Results in from “Name that Tab” contest!

July 25, 2014

Congratulations to Jackie Thorpe who gave us “base” tabs as the new name for our 3rd row of tabs. We loved that her suggesetion easily fit with our existing “main” and sub” tab naming convention.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted entries! We enjoyed reviewing all your clever suggestions.

Stay tuned for the launch!

Name that Tab Contest!

June 25, 2014

comparing tabs levels_2_smaller (1)By popular request, our subscribers will soon receive the 3rd level of tabs feature. The 3rd level of tabs, the ability to create subtabs under subtabs, will undoubtedly make our subscribers’ LiveBinders even more unique and powerful!

There was much deliberation and effort that went into developing the 3rd row of tabs, but one question still remains – what will we name this exciting new feature? We use “Main Tabs” and “Sub Tabs” to describe the existing tabs, but should we call the new tabs the “sub subtabs”, the “mini-tabs”, or the “3rd row of tabs”?

We’ve decided to turn to our LiveBinders’ community for help in making this decision by hosting a contest. There are a few ways to share your preferences and ideas with us:

  1. Vote for 1 of the 3 names we’ve provided;
  2. Create a name for the 3rd row of tabs that complements “Main tabs” and “Subtabs”, or
  3. Invent new names for all 3 levels of tabs.

The member who contributes the winning name(s) for options 2 or 3 will win a free 1-year subscription to LiveBinders and a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Click here to vote!


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