New Features: Educational Searches and Upload Management

We have just added the following features to LiveBinders:

  1. Better searching for educational binders – You can now find educational binders by topic and grade level.  Under “LiveBinder Categories” on the “Featured Binders” page, click on “*More Education.”  You can also share these searches with others.  Try it here.
  2. Manage your uploaded documents – Now you can delete documents that you have uploaded to LiveBinders.  Under the “My Binders” tab, click on “Uploaded Files”.

    You will see a page that lets you delete documents that are no longer in use.


  3. Would you like to know more about the security of your documents in LiveBinders? We have added a write-up to provide you with more details.

Thank you to the LiveBinders users who reported bugs and requested features.  Please continue to let us know how to make LiveBinders better for you.

One thought on “New Features: Educational Searches and Upload Management

  1. This is awesome and so helpful for teachers! Way to go! LiveBinders totally has a place in education!

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