Color in the Garden

I had a grand plan for a bright, white spring in my garden.  I envisioned the existing white tulips, snow drops,  and daffodils interspersed with fragrant white freesias – all peaking their heads over a blanket of white Santa Barbara daisies.

White bulbs in the garden

I thought all of this would tie in beautifully with the pale pick roses, clematis, fuchsia,  and penstemon that would start blooming a little later.

But my garden loves surprises. – the first of which was that I  had forgotten that many of the daffodils that I planted two years ago were marked incorrectly and were yellow instead of white.

But the biggest surprise was that about half of the hundred white freesia that I planted were not white at all.  They were a bright red with a yellow throat. My small garden was filled with passionate red and yellow color – that I just love!

I expect the red and yellow will have disappeared by the time that all the pale pinks start their blooms, so I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.

Red Freesia
Red Freesia

If you need help figuring out how to bring color into your garden, I have found some fabulous sites.  Click on the binder below to see my collection of sites that help you select color for your garden:

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