Softball time – already?

Spring is just around the corner and that means softball season. I missed it last year! I’m so glad that my daughter signed up for it this year. I can hardly wait for

  • the mad scrambles in the afternoon to find cleats and glove
  • the fierce digging through email to find directions to this week’s game
  • the impossible task of trying to commit to memory the snack schedule

But this year is going to be just a little easier. I’m putting everything in a binder like I did for my soccer team in the fall. I drag the binder to my desktop where it is handy and I will send it to the rest of the parents so that they too can have all the information in just one place:

But I admit it, I love to watch them play. In “under 10” the girl’s are just starting to get serious about the game and I love to watch their intensity. Now if some of the parents would get a little less serious, we would all have a lot more fun. I’ve included some great sites in the binder like the positive coaching site and another site that I found with “tips for parents.”

I hope it is a great season!

Superbowl was super!

I basically watch football once a year, so I don’t usually get caught up in the excitement, but this year I can’t imagine anyone who did not jump up in their seats when the Giants – clearly the favored underdogs – took the Patriot’s ‘perfect’ season record away in the last half of the game. It was all about the team pulling everything they had together in the end. I can’t express it as well as some of the seasoned reporters can. so here are some of the highlighted stories of yesterday’s game.