A New Way Start Your Research

What is the first thing that you do when you start researching a potential purchase or new project? I do a Google Search. Google always gives me a pretty good start to my research. Well, what if you could put those first eight sites that Google finds in a LiveBinder to get started? Well, now you can.

Our new Google search feature pops those first eight results into tabs in a binder. Then you can just delete the tabs that you don’t want and add more tabs as you browse.

At LiveBinders we are always trying to figure out ways to make it easier for you to organize information and share it with others. Creating a binder with a Google search is just another way to help you pull together the information you need into one convenient location.

Try it out and see what you think.

What is really fun is building a quick binder for someone else. Next time someone asks you for information on something, build them a quick binder with Google search and send it to them. They will think you spent a great deal of time pulling the information together just for them!

I had a friend ask me, “just what is cloud computing”. I sent him this binder and he was very impressed, he thought I’d spent a lot of time researching it. But in reality, it took me three minutes to build the binder. For laughs I had to add Larry Ellison’s take on cloud computing in the last tab: