Parent or Work – Do you really have to choose?

I was one of the lucky ones – when my kids were young, my husband was a full-time parent. But now that I am working on a start-up, he is working full-time and I am the one juggling work and the kids’ schedules. The good news is that there are starting to be more options for working parents. But I want to be on the forefront of that movement.

I have this dream, as LiveBinders grows, of harnessing that workforce that is in need of a more flexible schedule. I know these parents from school – they are accomplished and well educated and I know they would be great contributors.

But I struggle with the reality of how to put such a structure into place. For example, how do you keep someone motivated who must work from home with kids screaming in the background? I search blogs and forums looking for the answers. I would love some insights. Who has had experience with this who would be willing to share?

As I struggle with how to build a business this way, I have found some really interesting sites for parents looking for ways to balance their work and home life:

We’re green…

that is to say we’re naive about this whole environmental awareness, save the world, go ‘green’ thing. My daughter’s 4th grade class has been spending the last month becoming aware of the global effects of pollution on the environment as they get ready for ‘Focus the Nation’ day – today. Our family has been in the process of changing the way we get to school, how we pack lunches and what we set the table with.Of course we’ve used the web as a resource to find out things – lots of things that we didn’t know about. For example, the students have been told to replace plastic snack bags by using plastic containers – but that sure makes for a very large lunch box. We thought about wax paper bags – except we didn’t know if they were biodegradable and neither did the teachers.That is how our research began. We then looked into replacing plastic water bottles with those colorful water bottles that you can re-use. From what we could find out, they could be potentially toxic, too. Looks like we might have to go back to those old thermos bottles we used to use – the ones with the glass inside that always shattered and made funny noises in your lunch- remember those?Its pretty interesting stuff wondering what is better for the environment and balancing that with what is healthy or convenient for you. You can’t just assume that the popular method is the way to go.If you’d like to find out if wax paper bags are an alternative or what types of plastic are safe for your kids – click on the livebinder below: