Changes to the Editor/Player on Their Way

We would like to share some more changes to LiveBinders that will be released in the next couple of weeks. We didn’t want to surprise those of you who are teaching classes on LiveBinders.

1. More Readable Tabs
The most significant change is that main tabs will now be of a variable width and will overflow to multiple rows. We had lots of requests from our community to make those tabs more visible and to have the overflow go to multiple rows. We are listening!

2. More Share Options
We have moved all of the share options from the bottom of the binder to the top of the binder. This provides a cleaner look to your binder and lets us fit in more ways to share binders. We now include Pinterest and Google+ in the share options.

3. Better Rating System
We are switching our rating system over to “useful” instead of using the star rating system. With our old star rating system, it wasn’t clear how many people had rated the binder, so the stars didn’t provide enough information on the value of the binder to the community. We believe that seeing how many people find a binder useful will be an easier way to judge its potential value to you. We have added the ability to sort by the most useful binder ratings as well!

A big thanks to those of you in our community who suggested these enhancements. Also a big thanks to Dean Mantz, Dawn Wall, and Mike Fisher for reviewing, refining, and testing these new features!

If you are teaching classes on LiveBinders, feel free to contact us at any time to find out what changes are in the works. We love hearing from you!

A New Way Start Your Research

What is the first thing that you do when you start researching a potential purchase or new project? I do a Google Search. Google always gives me a pretty good start to my research. Well, what if you could put those first eight sites that Google finds in a LiveBinder to get started? Well, now you can.

Our new Google search feature pops those first eight results into tabs in a binder. Then you can just delete the tabs that you don’t want and add more tabs as you browse.

At LiveBinders we are always trying to figure out ways to make it easier for you to organize information and share it with others. Creating a binder with a Google search is just another way to help you pull together the information you need into one convenient location.

Try it out and see what you think.

What is really fun is building a quick binder for someone else. Next time someone asks you for information on something, build them a quick binder with Google search and send it to them. They will think you spent a great deal of time pulling the information together just for them!

I had a friend ask me, “just what is cloud computing”. I sent him this binder and he was very impressed, he thought I’d spent a lot of time researching it. But in reality, it took me three minutes to build the binder. For laughs I had to add Larry Ellison’s take on cloud computing in the last tab:

Google: Minor Mistake or Major Privacy Issue?

I received an email yesterday from a product manager at Google. I am one of  Google’s advertisers and they wanted me to fill out a survey. However, this product manager was not well versed in email marketing 101 and put about 350 the Google advertiser’s email address in the ‘to:’ line. I have had several people already take advantage of this and spam me. This was a minor mistake on the product manager’s part, but the implications are huge. Doesn’t Google have protections in place to keep this from happening? I wonder how many more spams I will need to endure?Everyone who sends out mass email needs to be versed in the basics of email marketing. So Google, I dedicated this binder to you!