The Acceleration of a Startup

There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing a startup company hitting that key acceleration point. That is when all those hopes and dreams and long hours start to look like they will eventually pay off.

I love it when my friends’ companies hit this point. So I was especially delighted to see all the great press on Picateers. What a fabulous concept! Take the old model of school pictures and turn it on its head and turn it into a fundraiser. At a time when schools are scrambling for funds, who wouldn’t love this idea?

But there are lots of great ideas out there. It takes more than a great idea, it takes excellent execution to build loyal customer base and that is just what Picateers is doing.

Click on the binder below to see all the latest press on Picateers, including a great interview with CBS:

School Fundraising

California public schools are facing serious budget cuts next year, so school fundraising has become more important than ever. But just how much stuff can you make kids sell? At our school, we are trying to find more creative ways of raising funds – like using a school picture group that gives half of the profits back to the school. This binder has some of the programs that we are currently using for fundraising. I would love to see other PTA’s create their own binders with their programs so I can browse those as well. Click on the binder below to see the programs that we use at our elementary school: