Parent or Work – Do you really have to choose?

I was one of the lucky ones – when my kids were young, my husband was a full-time parent. But now that I am working on a start-up, he is working full-time and I am the one juggling work and the kids’ schedules. The good news is that there are starting to be more options for working parents. But I want to be on the forefront of that movement.

I have this dream, as LiveBinders grows, of harnessing that workforce that is in need of a more flexible schedule. I know these parents from school – they are accomplished and well educated and I know they would be great contributors.

But I struggle with the reality of how to put such a structure into place. For example, how do you keep someone motivated who must work from home with kids screaming in the background? I search blogs and forums looking for the answers. I would love some insights. Who has had experience with this who would be willing to share?

As I struggle with how to build a business this way, I have found some really interesting sites for parents looking for ways to balance their work and home life: