Pain in the Neck!

March 24, 2008

I try to set up my computer ergonomically. But sometimes, when I’m working intently on a project, I forget to get up and take a break and move around. The result is a spasm in my neck that generally happens overnight – after a good night’s sleep. My head ends up in a locked position and attempting to move it sends stabbing pains down my shoulder and arm. I’m just lucky that I found Bowen Therapy. This non-invasive therapy works every time! It usually works instantly, but sometimes the first session just helps dramatically and the second session is required to completely eliminate the stiffness.

I put together this binder of great links on Bowen Therapy for my neighbor who suffers from chronic back pain. These websites explain the treatment far better than I ever could. Click on the binder below for a great overview of this amazing treatment, personal success stories (including my own), and listings of practitioners.

Bowen Therapy