LiveBinder It update!

We are happy to announce that the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool has been updated.

Here are some of the changes in this release:


Now when you add a link to a binder through the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool, the binder will automatically open so that you can see where the link was added in your binder.

Non-conforming Links:

Some users have come across links that override the binder trying to open the link in its own browser window.  LiveBinder has now corrected that problem by adding the URL link to the tab page and launching a separate window for the web page.  Everytime you click on the tab of that particular link, the browser window will come to the front of the binder.

Error messages:

Any error messages caused by odd characters typed into a binder title has now been fixed.

To benefit from these new updates, replace your bookmarklet by going to

Let us know how it goes and if you encountered any problems.

Enjoy collecting!

Summer vacation with Grizzlies

If you love to vacation in the wilderness, and want a safe way to explore grizzly bear territory, this binder will offer you some excellent resources.  Included is an article by the Wall Street Journal regarding these grizzly guide companies that provide a safe way to view grizzlies and learn about them in their habitat.  

Just click on the link below to open the binder.  You can view the different grizzly vacation websites by clicking on the tabs at the top of the binder page.