Get motivated

It seems like more and more people are either feeling like the world is going to end, or they are reaching for their dreams and taking chances on their life goals.  In any case, the demand for motivational coaches and mentors seems to be on the rise.  The following binder has a couple of articles written on what they are calling ‘Motivational Culture.’

To open the binder click on the link below and browse through the tabs to read the articles.


Summer Soccer camps

It’s that time of year when you are realizing that school is about to end and you haven’t planned out the summer yet.  If any of you have kids interested in soccer, this binder has a list of soccer camps put together by a bunch of moms.  They’re in the San Francisco bay area and one of them even has a drop-in clinic.

Open the binder by clicking on the link or icon below and click through the tabs to see the different web pages.

Happy summer!


Help for new soccer coaches and team parents

It’s soccer season again and many of you might be first time coaches, assistant coaches or team parents.  Welcome to the club! I’ve included in this blog a couple of binders that you might find very helpful.  The first is a binder on coaching tips – including useful flash and youtube videos to have the kids review on soccer skills.The other is a binder that belongs to one of the soccer teams and you might find it useful as a template for creating your own team binder.   To view the binders just click on the link below – works with latest IE, Firefox and Safari.   


Sports News – All At Your Fingertips

Even if you are not a sports fanatic, you’ll want to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the sports world – if just to make small talk at your next meeting.

I found this binder to be really useful – there are at least 7 major news websites in one place, (Fox, ESPN, etc), which can save you the time it takes to scroll through your favorite bookmarks lists or to type-in all of the website addresses.


Softball time – already?

Spring is just around the corner and that means softball season. I missed it last year! I’m so glad that my daughter signed up for it this year. I can hardly wait for

  • the mad scrambles in the afternoon to find cleats and glove
  • the fierce digging through email to find directions to this week’s game
  • the impossible task of trying to commit to memory the snack schedule

But this year is going to be just a little easier. I’m putting everything in a binder like I did for my soccer team in the fall. I drag the binder to my desktop where it is handy and I will send it to the rest of the parents so that they too can have all the information in just one place:

But I admit it, I love to watch them play. In “under 10” the girl’s are just starting to get serious about the game and I love to watch their intensity. Now if some of the parents would get a little less serious, we would all have a lot more fun. I’ve included some great sites in the binder like the positive coaching site and another site that I found with “tips for parents.”

I hope it is a great season!

Superbowl was super!

I basically watch football once a year, so I don’t usually get caught up in the excitement, but this year I can’t imagine anyone who did not jump up in their seats when the Giants – clearly the favored underdogs – took the Patriot’s ‘perfect’ season record away in the last half of the game. It was all about the team pulling everything they had together in the end. I can’t express it as well as some of the seasoned reporters can. so here are some of the highlighted stories of yesterday’s game.