Green Gardening

Even though we’ve gotten a heavy dose of rain this past week, California is still on drought alert. But if you’re like me you still want to keep your garden blooming. I started a binder to collect interesting tips on how to maintain your garden on a tight water budget, and I’ll be adding other useful tips for keeping ‘green.’

Click on the link below to view websites with some helpful ideas for keeping your garden green and environmentally friendly. Once you open the LiveBinder, click on the tabs at the top of the page to go through the different articles and websites.

Purify your air with Plants

This binder is about the green way you can clean the air in your home. Some plants are excellent at cleaning pollution from indoor air. Dr. Bill Wolverton published his research at NASA to find plants that clean the air. These plants absorb toxic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene which are commonly used in the production of clothing, furniture, mattresses, carpets, plastics and printing. One healthy plant can clean a 100 sq.ft. room of 87% of these contaminants in 24 hours. (try the Rubbert plant or Peace Lily).

Check out his inexpensive, well-illustrated, and extremely practical book – “How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Hofme of Office.”

To open the binder, click on the link below. Once the binder is launched, click through the tabs and subtabs in the binder below to view all the different websites that talk about plants and their purification value. Some sites will list plants that you can buy for your home.

Handmade holiday gift ideas

Having your kids make holiday gifts this year not only can help keep the budget down, but it can also help them improve their reading, math, fine motor movements, planning and follow-through development skills.   It’s also a great way to get the family working on a project together and opening up your child’s imagination and creativity. 

The following binder has a list of links with clever gift ideas and instructions as well as a place to buy or sell handmade gifts.

Just click on the link below to launch the binder – then click on the tabs at the top of the page to view the different websites.  Enjoy!

Keeping Track of Authors

Have you ever gone to the library and stared blankly at the shelves while trying to remember the name of an author that you like?  It happens to me more than it should – but not any more.  I now track my favorite novel authors in a binder.  When I get to the library, I just log into LiveBinders and there they all are!

But even better, I check the binder before heading to the bookstore.  I can quickly check to see who has just released a book or who just had one come out in paperback. Click below to see my “book binder”.

LiveBinder It update!

We are happy to announce that the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool has been updated.

Here are some of the changes in this release:


Now when you add a link to a binder through the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool, the binder will automatically open so that you can see where the link was added in your binder.

Non-conforming Links:

Some users have come across links that override the binder trying to open the link in its own browser window.  LiveBinder has now corrected that problem by adding the URL link to the tab page and launching a separate window for the web page.  Everytime you click on the tab of that particular link, the browser window will come to the front of the binder.

Error messages:

Any error messages caused by odd characters typed into a binder title has now been fixed.

To benefit from these new updates, replace your bookmarklet by going to

Let us know how it goes and if you encountered any problems.

Enjoy collecting!

The best sunscreens on the market

I’ve found some interesting articles regarding the best sunscreens on the market today. ‘Parade’ magazine published a list of these products, which is in this binder. I also found another list from ‘Town and Country’ magazine.

Neutragena seems to be the best, but it is interesting to compare prices and products.

I also included an article from ‘Parade’ that talks about the importance of skin care and the right skin care products.

To open the binder just click on the link or binder icon below and click through the tabs to view the articles.


Fresh produce delivered right to your door

Wouldn’t you love to have fresh, seasonal produce picked from your garden every week?   When I read this article by the SF Chronicle about fresh and seasonal produce delivered to your door, I realized that the trend might finally coming to the Bay area.

Looks like more people are shopping for organic produce, but they want even fresher produce than what their local markets can provide.  Bay Area residents are signing up with local farms to have fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered directly to their homes.

To find one that will deliver in the San Francisco Bay Area, click on the binder link below to view 10 local farms that deliver.  Click on the different tabs in the binder to view the different farm websites, and the article from the San Francisco Chronicle.




Fostering an orphaned elephant

Our kids received a great gift a couple of years ago – instead of the usual gift card or plastic toy – our daughters were given an orphaned elephant named Makena. Makena lives on the David Sheldrick Wild Life Reserve in Kenya, Africa. The foster donation lasts for a year and you receive monthly reports about the reserve, any new additions to the reservation and the monthly goings on concerning the elephant, or rhino you are fostering. They send you pictures from the website and a digital image of a water color of the animal you are fostering. I believe the water colors are painted by David Sheldrick’s daughter.

The stories are charming – some heart breaking – and your donations make you feel like you can make the world just a little bit better. It’s also great to engage your children – my kids would love to visit the reserve!

Take a look at the website in the binder below – I’ve included some of their photos, the monthly reports since 2007 and also some interesting stories regarding the rescue of a rhino and some recent baby elephants.

To open click on the link below!