Green Gardening

Even though we’ve gotten a heavy dose of rain this past week, California is still on drought alert. But if you’re like me you still want to keep your garden blooming. I started a binder to collect interesting tips on how to maintain your garden on a tight water budget, and I’ll be adding other useful tips for keeping ‘green.’

Click on the link below to view websites with some helpful ideas for keeping your garden green and environmentally friendly. Once you open the LiveBinder, click on the tabs at the top of the page to go through the different articles and websites.

Getting Organized this Year

The new year is fast approaching and with it comes a bunch of new resolutions that you hope to keep going for the rest of the year if not for the rest of your life. One of my top priorities is to take control of my life – and that means getting organized, at work, home and in other areas of my personal life.

This binder has a few motivating links that should inspire you to get organized this year. Included are other websites which give useful tips on how to get organized in specific areas of your life.

If you’ve ever thought about how you can organize the clutter of digital documents and online web links that you collect everyday, consider trying out LiveBinders. It’s a free online application that lets you organize the information you collect online by combining them in one place. You can organize your documents in binders and build a collection of binder resources to easily grab at your fingertips.

To view, click on the link below. To browse through the different websites, just click on the tabs at the top.

Purify your air with Plants

This binder is about the green way you can clean the air in your home. Some plants are excellent at cleaning pollution from indoor air. Dr. Bill Wolverton published his research at NASA to find plants that clean the air. These plants absorb toxic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene which are commonly used in the production of clothing, furniture, mattresses, carpets, plastics and printing. One healthy plant can clean a 100 sq.ft. room of 87% of these contaminants in 24 hours. (try the Rubbert plant or Peace Lily).

Check out his inexpensive, well-illustrated, and extremely practical book – “How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Hofme of Office.”

To open the binder, click on the link below. Once the binder is launched, click through the tabs and subtabs in the binder below to view all the different websites that talk about plants and their purification value. Some sites will list plants that you can buy for your home.

LiveBinder It update!

We are happy to announce that the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool has been updated.

Here are some of the changes in this release:


Now when you add a link to a binder through the LiveBinder It bookmarklet tool, the binder will automatically open so that you can see where the link was added in your binder.

Non-conforming Links:

Some users have come across links that override the binder trying to open the link in its own browser window.  LiveBinder has now corrected that problem by adding the URL link to the tab page and launching a separate window for the web page.  Everytime you click on the tab of that particular link, the browser window will come to the front of the binder.

Error messages:

Any error messages caused by odd characters typed into a binder title has now been fixed.

To benefit from these new updates, replace your bookmarklet by going to

Let us know how it goes and if you encountered any problems.

Enjoy collecting!

Great Gardening Websites

The City of Belmont had their Spring Garden Faire today. It was a nice event, and I especially enjoyed the tour of the award-winning Belmont gardens. The weather was warm and it was a picture perfect day.

Handed out at the event was a list of gardening and going green websites. Too bad they didn’t know about LiveBinders. It would have been a lot easier (and saved paper) to just handout two urls, instead of two pages of urls.

I have put these lists of sites into binders so that they can be more easily shared (and shared in a more environmentally friendly way) via email. Click on the binders below to see these great gardening and going green websites:

Decorating with House Plants

When I moved into my first apartment, I didn’t have any furniture – and no budget for furniture. So I went down to the local drug store and found some downtrodden plants on sale. They helped fill the empty spaces of the vacant rooms and, with a little care, soon grew faster than my budget for furniture.  The one mistake that I made way back then was just enjoying the way the greenery covered that dated paneling on the wall.  Much to my surprise when it came time to move, I found that some of the plants had actually rooted into that lovely mock walnut paneling!

Ever since then, house plants have been my “indoor garden”.  When it is too hot or too cold to garden outside I plant and replant my indoor garden. I have about 40 house plants and that number is always growing! The fun thing about house plants is that you can just stick cuttings in water and grow more. My kids have filled our house with ficus plants this way.

But the one thing that I never wanted was that hodge-podge look of plants all over the place.  I wanted the plants to be a part of my decor, not detract from it.  Here are some of my “decorating with plants” tips:

  1. I picked pots that match each room decor, but leave the plants in their own pots so that I can rotate them based on their size, lighting needs, and my desire for change.

    Plants grouped
    Plants grouped
  2. The plants are grouped together to provide a variety of textures and to add to that “jungle look”.
  3. I also like to use Pothos plants as “live garland” across my fireplace mantel.
  4. Use plants to camouflage electronics.
  5. Add small shelves with plants to a wall.

I’ve gathered some great sites on selecting, caring for, and decorating with house plants. Click on the binder below to see these sites:

Plants on shelves
Plants on shelves
Living garland
Living garland
Propogating house plants from cuttings
Propogating house plants from cuttings