Oscar time!

It’s that time of year when the movies we saw over the past 12 months are competing for the Oscar nods.

We’d love to share all of the video reviews and trailers of the movies nominated so we’ve put them conveniently in two separate livebinders. 

To see trailers of each of the nominated movies click on the livebinder “2009 Academy Award Nominees”. 

To watch the video reviews for the movies that were released in 2008, check out YouTube’s popular ‘ReelGeezers 2008’  collection in the livebinder below.


Keeping Track of Authors

Have you ever gone to the library and stared blankly at the shelves while trying to remember the name of an author that you like?  It happens to me more than it should – but not any more.  I now track my favorite novel authors in a binder.  When I get to the library, I just log into LiveBinders and there they all are!

But even better, I check the binder before heading to the bookstore.  I can quickly check to see who has just released a book or who just had one come out in paperback. Click below to see my “book binder”.

Wanted movie trailers and games

Hello spy-action movie fans!

Wanted comes out in theatres this Friday the 27th and it has been getting great reviews.   It is about a team of assassins who stop ‘bad’ people from doing bad things, but it sounds like there is a twist.  Morgan Freeman looks really cool in the trailers playing what might be a ‘bad’ guy role and leader of the assassins. Angelina revives her part as a Mrs. Smith type character without the Mr. in her life.  And James McAvoy plays a geek unleashing his destiny as a great assassin… special effects are supposed to be awesome.  Great for summertime movie watching.

Just click on the binder icon or the link below to launch the Wanted LiveBinder – then click on the tabs in the binder to view the official website, latest movie trailers and game sites – all at your fingertips.

See you at the theatres on Friday!



Real Talent

Don’t you secretly think that you have this deep, hidden-away talent and that (if given just the right circumstances) you would shine like the brightest star in the universe? Ok, I admit it, I do! I imagine that I start singing and it brings tears to people’s eyes.

Well actually, my singing does bring tears to people’s eyes, because that is what normally happens to people when they are screaming with shear terror. But here are a few people who are the real thing. Click on the binder below, sit back, and enjoy!

I love this stuff, so if you have others that I can add to my binder, please let me know!

Funny lady on Youtube

It’s Monday and time for a little something to brighten your week.  Here are some videos that are by a video blogger known as ‘Happy Slip’ who won 2nd place for ‘Best Comedy’ on Youtube.

She tells some funny stories about her wacky relatives, and she does this by acting just like them.  It is pretty funny!

Please check out her blogs by clicking on the link below.  The binder will have her video blogs organized by tabs.  Then check out the tab titled ‘home page.’ which will provide links to her latest blog videos.



Concerns for Tweens online

I found an interesting article about some of the ‘safety’ issues to watch out for with tweens.  It is not the same issues that adults face, but can be harmful nonetheless.   If you have kids creating accounts online, it would be good to read this article and check out the websites they posted.  I’ve put those links in this binder as well. 

To open the binder and read the articles and websites, click on the link or icon below.


Just for fun

If – and that’s a big if – you ever have time to kill online – feel free to use this binder to take a look at some of the more popular blog gossip sites and a few of the popular gossip magazine sites like people.com and e!online. If you’d like to use this binder in the future – just drag the link at the top of the browser to your desktop.

It’s never a dull moment…

Sports News – All At Your Fingertips

Even if you are not a sports fanatic, you’ll want to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the sports world – if just to make small talk at your next meeting.

I found this binder to be really useful – there are at least 7 major news websites in one place, (Fox, ESPN, etc), which can save you the time it takes to scroll through your favorite bookmarks lists or to type-in all of the website addresses.


Welcome to the LiveBinders Blog

Tina and I are embarking on an adventure to find the 1000s of lost bookmarks in the world. Our website already houses many of these lost bookmarks in lovely little homes called LiveBinders. Come take a look. Here is one of my most recent finds…

Every year I go to an academy awards party, even though I have never seen most of the movies. I normally frantically search the web for trailers, but this time I’m ahead of the game. I have all the trailers rounded up into this handy livebinder so I can study before the party!