Embed Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and More

We now allow javascript embed codes in LiveBinders, so that you can embed lots of different content in your binder. Here are some examples:

Embed a Twitter Feed

For a twitter feed, you need to create a widget first. Just go to this page https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/ and create your widget.


Copy the embed code and use these instructions to insert the embed code in your binder. Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your feed.

Embed a Pinterest Board

You will need to create a Pinterest widget by going to this link.

  1. Select “Board Widget on the left
  2. Add your board url
  3. Select the size (if you roll your own you can make it larger)
  4. Copy the embed code
  5. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: You will just see a link at first, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your board.

Building a pinterest widget

Embed a LinkedIn Profile

Go to this page on LinkedIn.

  1. Select “Inline” on the left side
  2. Click on “Get Code” below that selection
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Insert the embed code in LiveBinders using these instructions

Note: In this case you won’t actually see the profile embedded, you won’t see anything, but if you leave the tab and come back you will see your profile.

New Upgrades to Base Tabs

copy_move_tabYou can now move tabs (and sub tabs) to base tabs. In fact, our new move tab interface lets you easily move any tab anywhere in the binder.

Also in this latest release is the ability to set a default tab color for both sub tabs and base tabs from the Binder Settings menu.

Introducing Base Tabs!

Main Sub and Base tabsWe are very pleased to be introducing what is, by far, the most requested LiveBinders’ feature – an additional level of tabs that we are calling base tabs!

This is a feature that is available only to our subscribers, so this may be a good time to upgrade. Educators can get a subscription for as little as $14.95 a year.

To find out more about how this feature works, please check out our newly updated help page.

Thank you to everyone who requested this feature. It took us a while to implement, but your emails and tweets were great encouragement!

Colored Subtabs and Indicator Change

Drop down on tab for selecting colorYou can now color individual subtabs in the same way that you can color individual main tabs. We didn’t allow this before because it was too hard to see the selected tab. Now we have changed the selected tab indicator to a triangle that shows up on both the active tab and active subtab. So now you can color-code tabs and subtabs and still see which one is selected.

Thank you to everyone who emailed us to request this feature!


Add Multiple Uploaded Files to a Binder

You can now add multiple uploaded files to a binder at the same time.  This should make it much faster to build binders with files from your local PC or school network.

DashboardTo use this new feature, go to your “My Binders” page and click on “My Uploaded Files” in the dashboard on the left.

You can upload your files there and then use the check boxes on the left to check all the files that you want to add to a binder.

Once you have selected the files that you want in a binder, click “Add to Binder” above the file list.

Checking off binders

You will see a “LiveBinder It” interface pop up with a list of your selected file names.  You can add the files to main tabs or subtabs by clicking on the appropriate selection and then clicking “Add to Binder.”

LiveBinder It interface

Thank you to those of you who requested this feature!

An Easier Way to Change Your Binder Cover

We are always trying to make the process of creating and editing binders smoother and easier for you. We’ve had a lot of input that changing the binder cover was not intuitive, so we have redesigned that interface to make it easier to upload a binder cover or to pick a fun Flickr image to use.

For those of you who are used to having to put your binder cover’s image in a tab first, that is no longer necessary.  Just click on “Binder Settings” and then “Update Binder Cover” and use one of the options from that menu.

Selecting a Binder Cover

Here is a quick video on how to change your binder cover:


Please let us know if this works for you. Also please let us know if you think of other ways that we can make binder building a smoother process!

Nominate a binder for the 2013 Top 10 Contest!

It’s that time of year again when you get to share with us a binder that you found really helpful or influential to you or your class. For the nominating process, first you share with us those helpful binders and then we will have a short voting period. When you nominate a binder, please describe why you are nominating the binder and we will add that to the voting binder for people to view.

Winners will receive a Top 10 label on their binder, have their binder posted on the Top 10 shelf, and receive bookmarks featuring their binder with a QR code for sharing. We would also like to give our winners an opportunity to share their insights and motivations for their binder when we make the announcement this year.

We look forward to seeing all the great LiveBinders you’ve used this year.

To make your nomination, please click on this Nomination binder:

Feel free to enter any number of binders from different categories (educational or other) – just be sure to share with us why you are nominating the binders.

Let the praise begin!

Welcome to Our New Editor

Thank you to those who provided early feedback on our new editor!  We believe this update will make it easier for you to edit your binders.  Here are some highlights of this release:

  • New editor layout
  • Simple Dropbox integration
  • Easy QR code insertion into your binder
  • PDF files in the binder will no longer be displayed on top of the edit window
  • File uploads can now be done as links in a text layout

You can now add Dropbox files or QR codes from the new “Add Content” menu.  Just click on “Add Other Content” in the “Add Content” menu.

Adding Dropbox and QR codes from the "Add Content" menu

For tutorials on the new editor, please see this page:


As always, we welcome your feedback. We have had so many great suggestions from the LiveBinders community. You just keep making this product better and better!

LiveBinders Subscription is Here

Our individual subscription service is here!  LiveBinders Professional is now available for individuals who want a more secure way to store their uploaded documents in binders, increase their storage capacity, and upload larger file sizes.  Subscribers can now upload private documents, store up to 50GB of information, and upload files up to 25MB in size.

Even more exciting, we are offering a one month Introductory Offer for the month of September. Educators and students receive a 50% off of our pricing.

The existing LiveBinders Basic will continue to be available for everyone to use free of charge.

LiveBinders on Your Website or Blog – A Couple More Options

We added a couple more features to LiveBinders over the weekend.  You can now embed an open binder in your blog or website (if your blog supports iframes). We also added a way to add a “LiveBinder It” button to your blog or website.

Embedding an Open Binder

If your blog supports iframes, you can now now add an open binder to your blog using some new embed code.  (This is a WordPress blog, so it is an example of a blog that doesn’t support iframes.) To find the embed code just select “Link or Embed” from the Share menu inside the binder:

Selecting the Embed Code

The last option is the new embed code for the open binder.  Just paste that into your blog or wiki where you would paste other embed codes.

The binder will be open in “Present” mode to make best use of the smaller space:

Example of an open binder in a blog

Adding a LiveBinder It Button

We also added an option to put a “LiveBinder It” button on your blog.  This will make it easier for people to add your blog posts to their binders.  This button can be found under Tools > Add LiveBinder It:

Showing Tools > Add LiveBinder It

Thank you to everyone who requested these features. We always appreciate hearing from you!

A New Look/Navigation for LiveBinders Shelves

Tina and I are very excited to announce a new look for the LiveBinders shelf! We believe this look, combined with more logical navigation, will make it easier to find your way around the LiveBinders site.  Special thanks on this release go to Dawn Wall, Dean Mantz, and Mike Fisher for the valuable input that they provided while we were working on this.


We have also added some often requested features with this release which include:

  • List view of binders – We love those binders with long titles and descriptions, but sometimes they are hard to see, so we created a list view so you can see it all.
  • Search public shelves – Have you ever done a search and found too many binders? Try the same search on shelves, someone has probably already pulled the best binders into a shelf for you.
  • Link to tab – Have you ever wanted to share a specific tab in a binder? I do all the time when I send out the Tips and Tricks binder.  Now you can have the binder open directly to a specific tab or subtab of your choosing. Just click on the “E” at the bottom of the binder in the “Share” box and grab the URL from there.

There are lots of details about these new features in this video:

Thank you to everyone in our community for sending in those feature requests. We are working on a lot more of them, so if you don’t see yours today, don’t think that we forgot about you!