Sales Tips

I’ve come across Jeffrey Gitomer through his books – the first being ‘The Little Red Book of Sales.’ It is literally a little red hard cover book with huge print and funny cartoons inside. It is a little different from your average motivational sales book. I’ve seen his yellow book, black book and green book on various sales topics.  Jeffrey Gitomer is also lecturer and motivational speaker. What I like is his ‘go get ’em – never give up attitude.’   He also publishes free articles on various sales tips, which he calls ‘Sales Caffeine’ and it is a nice way to start the work week.

I’ve combined about 10 issues in this LiveBinder. To View just click on the livebinder link below and click on the tabs in the binder to view the articles.

Just what is viral marketing?

That was a question a friend of mine asked recently. Being a marketing person, I should have had a short answer to this question – but I didn’t.

Viral marketing is incredibly powerful tool when properly harnessed. But the way you use viral marketing is completely dependent upon the type of business that you have. There are some great resources on the web that describe, and give examples of, viral marketing. I have captured some of those in this binder:

I’m happy to report that my friend came up with some fabulous ideas for viral marketing programs for his business after reviewing this binder.

Google: Minor Mistake or Major Privacy Issue?

I received an email yesterday from a product manager at Google. I am one of  Google’s advertisers and they wanted me to fill out a survey. However, this product manager was not well versed in email marketing 101 and put about 350 the Google advertiser’s email address in the ‘to:’ line. I have had several people already take advantage of this and spam me. This was a minor mistake on the product manager’s part, but the implications are huge. Doesn’t Google have protections in place to keep this from happening? I wonder how many more spams I will need to endure?Everyone who sends out mass email needs to be versed in the basics of email marketing. So Google, I dedicated this binder to you!