Add Google Drive Documents from Inside Your Binder

You have always been able to add your Google Drive documents to LiveBinders with a link or through LiveBinder It, but now you can add them through the editor too! Just click on “Add Content” while in the editor and then navigate your Google Drive to find your desired document, click on “Select” and that’s it.

This is helpful for students who are filling in an eportfolio template with documents from Google Drive.


Adding Office 365 Documents to Your LiveBinder

It is a little more work to add an Office 365 document to your LiveBinder than it is to add Google docs, but it can be done. You will need to use the Office 365 embed code in order to add the document to your LiveBinder. Here is a video on how to add the documents:

Here are screenshot instructions:

Click on “File” inside your Office 365 document
Click on “Share > Embed”
Copy the embed code
Open your binder in edit mode and click on “Add Content > Embed” and paste the embed code. Then click on “Insert”
Your Office 365 document will be added to your LiveBinder

Export a Table of Contents

We have had the request from several customers to show table of contents for their binder on their website or blog. That feature is now available under Share > Embed.

Share menu showing embed code for Table of Contents

Here is an example:

Fun additions to your binder Table of Contents

Image Resizing

When you upload very large images, instead of showing a horizontal scrollbar in the binder, you will now see your image fitting perfectly inside the binder. So no matter what device you’re on, whether it’s a phone, a widescreen, or a tablet the images will resize so that your binder will always look just right!

Create a Custom LiveBinders Widget

You have always been able to embed a LiveBinders shelf on your website, but now you can customize that embed code and decide the width and height of the shelf, the sort order, and the size of the binder icons. This feature will generate two types of embed codes, one for regular sites and one for Google sites.

Enjoy showing your binders off on your blog or website in just the way you want them to be seen.


LiveBinders Outage

Sincere Apologies for LiveBinders Outage

This week was hard for us.  We always pride ourselves on giving you quality customer support – placing primary importance on protecting your data and delivering a highly available service. We are very sorry that we needed to take downtime due to a failure in our Amazon infrastructure.  We understand the bind that this put many of you in.

Without getting into too much technical detail, on Monday evening our storage server had a hardware failure which caused it to hang intermittently. We had to replace that server and update our software to accommodate this change.  Our site was back up and running within 12 hours but with the Uploading files turned off.  We turned File Uploading back on after it was proven to work effectively.

Our site was down almost 12 hours and our uploading capability was down another 18 hours. Because our downtime message was being cached, many of you may have thought our down time was longer.  We will improve the way we notify everyone so this doesn’t happen again.

The good news is that our storage and uploaded files were safe and secure. With the new improvements, we expect to continue our long standing track record of delivering a highly available service.

As always, please feel free to contact me (Tina) by phone (650-434-2026) or email me ( if you would like more information or to share your frustration and concerns.

On behalf of our company,  I hope that you will accept our sincere apologies for this outage. We will continue to do everything we can to restore your trust.


Tina and Barbara

LiveBinders Site Issue

We had an outage on the LiveBinders site last night. We want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! The technical team worked all night to get the site back up but there is still an issue that forced us to turn off file uploads temporarily. The team is working on that issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

Our LiveBinders uptime has been excellent up until yesterday. We are working on making sure this doesn’t happen again.

New Play/Edit Features

We have made the play mode for LiveBinders cleaner and easier than ever to use. We have three new features that we are excited to tell you about:

1. New Clean Look and Easy Access to Comments and Rating

We wanted to make features like comments and ratings more obvious, so in the new player you can see all options at once by clicking on the hamburger menu.



2. Turn Off Play Options

If you have a subscription, you now have the option to turn off many of those options in the editor.


3. Title Page and Table of Contents

We also wanted your binders to be clear and easy to navigate for your viewers, so we added two new features – a default first tab with your binder name, icon, and description and an optional second tab with the table of contents. Both these tabs can be turned on or off from the editor. Big thanks to David Nelson for suggesting these features!



New Share Feature

The access key is a great way to share private binders with people who do not have a LiveBinders account. But what if someone does have a LiveBinders account and you don’t want them to have to enter the access key to see your binder?

We now let you share a private (or public) binder with someone who has a LiveBinders account so it will show up on their “My” shelf and they won’t need to enter an access key to view the binder.

Since this feature is similar to collaboration without editing, we rolled it all into one interface and called it “Assign.” You will find the “Assign” button under the “Share” link inside the binder.

Steps for sharing your binder with other people who have LiveBinders accounts


Binder Limit on New Free Accounts

Our free version of LiveBinders will now have a limit of five binders  for all new accounts. Please note that existing free accounts will still have the same limit that they always did.

However, even new accounts will have the opportunity to have 10 free binders. If you achieve over 1000 cumulative views on your five free binders, you will unlock an additional five free binders.

But we also hope you will consider signing up for a subscription. Just so you know, the educational price is only $24.95 a year and in addition to unlimited binders you get:

  • Three rows of tabs
  • Upload file sizes of 50MB
  • Storage of 1GB
  • Private file upload
  • Collaborator upload
  • Rounded tabs
  • Control of binder view info

What a deal!