Hide the URL Above the Content in Your Binder

We have had many requests from people who wanted to create a cleaner look for their binders by removing the url link that appears above the content. This feature is now available to our premium subscribers!

Link above content

To use this feature, just go into your binder in edit mode and click on Settings > Layout. Use the selection box titled Hide URL above content, then click on Save. You will have an option to remove the link completely or have a little icon replace the link.

Settings > Layout menu

Here is a screenshot of the page with an icon instead of a link:

screenshot of page with icon

One note, even if you hide the link completely, the icon will show up on mobile devices. The reason for this is that many mobile devices require you to open pdfs outside the binder, so we needed to provide people with an opportunity to still open the pdf on their mobile device.

Do you have a feature that you would like to see added to LiveBinders? Please comment on this post!

2 thoughts on “Hide the URL Above the Content in Your Binder

  1. Hi, Barbara! I don’t want to hide the link – I like that it’s there for the sites that don’t show up automatically, and also in case the person wants to go to that link directly. I can see how users might want a “cleaner” look, but I’m glad it’s there. ;D Happy 2019!

    1. Happy New Year Joy!

      Yes, it is just an option, more for people who’s binders are mostly uploaded documents instead of websites. But speaking of websites that don’t sit in the binder, we are working on a feature that will take a picture of the website and put it in there for you with the link for those sites. Hopefully we can get that one out soon!

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