Insert a Binder in a Binder

You have always been able to embed binders inside binders, but now it is even easier than before. Just click on the “+ Content” button in the editor. You can either select one of your binders or insert a link from someone else’s binder. The binder will show up in “Presentation” mode so that it minimizes the space that is taken up at the top of the binder.

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to insert a binder in a binder including:

  • An infinite number of tab levels
  • Mixing private content with public content to control viewing access
  • Breaking your content into smaller groups
  • Speeding up the loading of a very large binder
  • Referencing someone else’s collection of content on your subject

Please stay tuned for our next feature: Insert a shelf in a binder.

Add content menu showing binder embed

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