Table of Contents Update

show_tocWe recently introduced a table of contents feature for our subscribers, but we’ve decided to make it available in all binders.  We now automatically generate the table of contents in the player, so it is always current and does not need to be manually updated in the editor. Also, the table of contents is no longer in a tab as it was in our first version.

Just click on the “t” icon next to the “Search” box to show the table of contents for any binder.

opened table of contents

We have also added a binder’s information alongside of the table of contents as shown in the screenshot above so that viewers can see more information about your binder including your description and author name.

Other changes include the ability for subscribers to set the display options for “Views” and “Comments” of a binder in the table of contents.  Subscribers can also set the table of contents as the first thing someone sees when they open the binder.

2 thoughts on “Table of Contents Update

  1. I love this — one more fantastic feature!

    And the fact that the TofC now shows sub-sections is a true blessing (for readers and for my administrative tasks — for huge numbers of binders — and massive contents in each — are increasingly complex — and dizzying — to manage from the main “my binder” interface alone — forces me to search for other ways to manage them) — MORE INSPIRED ENHANCEMENTS FROM YOUR BRILLIANT COMPANY!!!

    Is there a plan to make the TofC open to readers, by default, rather than having to explain to them to click the icon?

    Thank you so much. The day I found you was indeed a most fortunate one.


  2. Hi David, thanks so much for your kind words, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for our product!

    In the editor under “Add Content > TofC” you will see a checkbox with an option to have the table of contents be the first thing people see when they open your binder. That is a feature that is available to you since you are a subscriber.

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