LiveBinders iPhone App upgrade version 1.2

We are happy to announce our upgrade to our new iPhone App version 1.2!

Offering greater flexibility, version 1.2 gives you the option to log into your LiveBinders account so you can access your personal binders and custom shelves. There are enhanced search capabilities as well.

For those of you using your iPhone to capture photos for your binder, you can now add pictures from your iPhone Photo Library and by taking a picture with your iPhone camera.  You can resize your images to fit inside of your binder tabs and add them directly to your binder.

The LiveBinders iPhone App also lets you scan the QR Code of any LiveBinder, search for Public Binders by title, author name or by categories.  By using the History feature, you can  keep track of previously viewed binders so you can return to them at your convenience.  Great for users who don’t have a LiveBinders account, but need access to binders quickly and easily from their iPhone.

Summary of new features:

You can log into your LiveBinders account to view your Public and Private binders and custom shelves.

You can now upload photos from your iPhone Library and iPhone Camera directly into your binder.Featured image

You can resize your images when you upload them into your binder.

You can now search for binders using the Binder ID filter from our search tool.

Bug fix: You can scroll through your multi-page PDF’s using the two finger swipe motion inside the LiveBinders tab.  You can also view a PDF full-screen by clicking on the uploaded PDF link at the top of the tab page.

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