Name that Tab Contest!

comparing tabs levels_2_smaller (1)By popular request, our subscribers will soon receive the 3rd level of tabs feature. The 3rd level of tabs, the ability to create subtabs under subtabs, will undoubtedly make our subscribers’ LiveBinders even more unique and powerful!

There was much deliberation and effort that went into developing the 3rd row of tabs, but one question still remains – what will we name this exciting new feature? We use “Main Tabs” and “Sub Tabs” to describe the existing tabs, but should we call the new tabs the “sub subtabs”, the “mini-tabs”, or the “3rd row of tabs”?

We’ve decided to turn to our LiveBinders’ community for help in making this decision by hosting a contest. There are a few ways to share your preferences and ideas with us:

  1. Vote for 1 of the 3 names we’ve provided;
  2. Create a name for the 3rd row of tabs that complements “Main tabs” and “Subtabs”, or
  3. Invent new names for all 3 levels of tabs.

The member who contributes the winning name(s) for options 2 or 3 will win a free 1-year subscription to LiveBinders and a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Click here to vote!

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