Just Released – Upload Files to Binder Owner’s Account

If you are a LiveBinders subscriber, you already have the capability to upload private documents. Now we have added the ability for collaborators to upload to a binder owner’s account. Here are some examples of why people asked for this feature:

  • You may want to have multiple people collaborating on a binder, but if anyone leaves the group, you want those files to be in the binder owner’s account.
  • As an administrator, you may have “evidence of teaching binders” that need to be completed by your teachers.  You can create a template for each teacher, make the teacher a collaborator, then ask that each teacher upload the evidence documents to your account. This will assure that all those documents stay safely in your account.

To use this feature, both the owner of the binder and the collaborator need to be LiveBinders subscribers.

Upload to Binder Owner's Account

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