Quick and Easy Way for Viewers to Find your Binders!

You can now search for and share a binder using its ID number. When sharing your binders with others, simply give them the ID number to your binder.  Then they can use that number from our website to open the binder.

To find your Binder ID, look for the “id=” sign in your binder’s URL.  That number is your binder’s ID number.


You can also find your binder’s ID number in the “Binder Settings” window.


When you want to share your binder with your viewers, you can now simply share the binder ID number.  Your viewers can then go to our website, http://www.livebinders.com, and click on the “Search” button in the upper right.  They can then select “Binder ID” from the search dropdown menu and type or paste in the binder ID number in the search box. Then click on “Search.”  It will then open your binder.


NOTE:  If the binder is private, it will ask for an access key.

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