LiveBinders Outage

We had a problem on the website yesterday and this morning.  We are going to turn off the thumbnails on the binders until we can get a more permanent fix up on the site this weekend.  We apologize for the problems.  We are gearing up for fall and expect to have all these issues resolved for you!

Update 7/11/13 5am pdt: After still seeing slowness on the site yesterday, we did some further updates and optimizations last night. We still haven’t turned thumbnails back on.  We expect today to be better and have some more complete updates that we will add this weekend. We apologize for the performance problem that you experienced over the last two days! That type of performance not acceptable to us and we are working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Update 7/11/13 7am pdt: We still have an issue on the site. If you have a presentation today or an assignment due, please contact us and we will give you a special url to try.

Update 7/14/13 5:00pm pdt: We are working on the servers right now. We are going to put up the maintenance message for approximately an hour.  So sorry for the interruption, but this will allow us to get fixes up on the machines much faster.

Update 7/15/13 4:00am pdt: Fixes are in and the servers are live. We will be continuing improvements throughout the week, but we don’t expect any more slowness or downtime.  We apologize for this disturbance in the service and promise to do better to keep LiveBinders running for you.

7 Responses to LiveBinders Outage

  1. “gearing up for the fall” may be fine for a traditional program but for a totally school with monthly starts the traditional calendar and clock do not exist anymore. We are in a 7x24x365 world and this is a major impact to our students.

  2. Kaye Schmidt says:

    Things are still not loading today! Any word on resolution? It is peak hiring season for educators where I live and my teaching portfolio wouldn’t load when I needed it. Awkward!

    I am counting on Livebinders and hope to see things resolved soon.

    • Hi Kaye,
      We are so sorry! We haven’t had this happen before. We will be working on it through the weekend and expect the site to be better on Monday. I’m going to email you an alternative link to use if you need to before Monday.

  3. emdtjulie says:

    Did it get fixed?

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