An Easier Way to Add Embed Codes

We now have an easier way to add embed codes to a binder. This feature was a personal one for me.  I archive the links from the #PATUE chat each week and whenever I got a video or Slideshare presentation, I would just groan.  It took too many steps to insert the embed codes from these applications in a LiveBinder which was distracting me from the thought-provoking chat – so I just had to fix it. Embed codes were so hard to use that our friend scling created a whole series of binders on this very subject.

But now, we have a much better way to insert embed codes, whether it is from YouTube, Slideshare, Prezi, or any of the other great applications scling has in his binders.  Now you just grab the embed code, create a new tab, and insert the embed code under Add Content > Add Other Content > Embed Code.

The only limitation is that we can’t use embed codes that have javascript, so, sadly, we can’t embed Pinterest boards yet.

Adding embed codes

Here is a binder that shows some of the embed codes that you can use.

Before we had this feature, you had to edit html to add embed codes, which was really hard to explain to people who are not very technical. So this should make it easier for everyone – including me!  What can we do to make LiveBinders easier for you to use? Write a comment on this post or send an email to

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