Congratulations to our 2013 Top 10 LiveBinders Winners!

We would like to thank all of the nominees for participating in the Top 10 contest.  We really appreciate the hard work that went into creating and updating your binders to keep them useful and engaging throughout the year – well done!

When we announced the winners during our Knowledge Sharing Place session on Wednesday, we invited the nominees to speak briefly about their binders.  It was so interesting to hear how the binders were being used  and what design choices were being made.  I think it was great to learn how much their binders were appreciated by others.

All of our nominees this year will receive LiveBinder Spotlight bookmarks featuring their binder. Here are some examples of what they will look like from our “Trainers” page.


As always, the 10 winners will have the Top 10 badge on their binder icon and also within their binder. To check out this year’s winners, view the  Top 10 shelf from our “Top 10” tab:

To view all of the nominees and see an archive video of the event, check out the “Top 10 2013 Contest” binder here:

Congratulations to everyone for another great year! Enjoy your summer!

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