New Face for “LiveBinder It”

LiveBinder It pop-upOne of the most popular features of LiveBinders just got a little easier to use.  “LiveBinder It” – the pop-up that lets you add to your binders while browsing- just went through a little clean-up.  We think this version of “LiveBinder It” will be easier to use on tablets and other mobile devices.

Since, most of the time, you are adding to an existing binder, we have changed it so that “Add to an existing binder” is what you will see when “LiveBinder It” comes up. However, you can still add your link to a new binder by clicking on the “Or add to new binder” link on the right.

The radio buttons were replaced with drop down menus because those are easier to use on touch devices.

As we notice more and more of you on mobile devices, we are working to make LiveBinders work seamlessly for you on your new devices.  If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comments here or by sending an email to

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