New Tab Options – Colors, Slide, and Side!

Colored Tabs

Thanks to all of you who asked for colored tabs, they are now here!  You can now color a tab red, or another color, to distinguish it from the rest of the tabs. For example, in a study binder, you can put all of the quizzes in the green tabs, so that they are easy to find. Another option is to use a colored tab for emphasis, like I did with Mike’s “iPads in Schools” binder:

Picture of colored tab

Th set tab color from the tab menuTo use this new feature, you need to be in the “Custom” binder color theme. From there, just click on the pull-down tab menu (from inside the tab that you want to color) and select “Set Tab Color”.  You will then be able to pick a new color for your tab.

Select Tab Color

It’s that easy to use this fun new feature!

Tab Slider

We have all seen some of those binders that have so many tabs that the content is barely viewable.  Our solution to that problem is the option to have the tabs show up in a slider, instead of stacked.  Our slider includes little helper dots that indicate where you are in the list of tabs.

Tab slider

Tabs on the Side

You can select Tabs on the Side as the default view for your binder. To change the way your binder is viewed, go to Edit Menu > Binder Properties. You will see a selection called “Default Tab Layout”.  Just select an option there and click on Update.

Edit Menu showing Default Tab View Selection

Here are examples of the three different tab layouts:


Please keep those request coming! We love shaping LiveBinders to fit your needs.

6 thoughts on “New Tab Options – Colors, Slide, and Side!

  1. Thank you so much for the side tabs! We had a webinar today that had so many links that there was no room to view the content. The side tabs work perfectly! Is there a way to make that the default view for our Classroom 2.0 binders or do people have to find it on their own? I included the direct URL for the side view in our blog post after the show but we didn’t share it during the webinar.

    Thanks for everything you do to make Livebinders such a valuable tool for educators!!!


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    1. Hi Peggy! Yes, you can set the default view now in Binder Properties under the edit menu. You should see a pulldown marked Tab View. You won’t see the change in the editor, but when someone plays the binder, that is the view they will see. I’m so glad that side-view worked for your binder!

  2. Is there any way to add a sub tab to an another subtab? So if I wanted a tab called “Cells” I could make a sub tab labeled “Prokaryotes” and then under there have sub- subtabs with different organisms?

    1. Hi Jill, unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this right now, but we are working on that. The work-around for now is creating a shelf that is Cells and then a binder called Prokaryotes with tabas and subtabs.

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