Upload photos on your iPad App!

Thanks to feedback from our iPad users, we have added an image upload feature.  With the lastest version of your LiveBinders iPad App 1.3 you blogpostcan now get access to your iPad photo library and camera.  Select a photo or take a picture from your camera on your iPad and import them into your Upload File Manager in your LiveBinder’s account.

When you select ‘Upload’ from the menu option, it will give you 4 file size options:  ‘Small,’ ‘Medium’, ‘Large’ and ‘Original. ‘  If your iPad takes high resolution images, we recommend the ‘Medium’ setting so that images will fit within most text/media templates.  This will also reduce the file size for accounts with smaller file size limits.

Once the image is uploaded, it will be given a unique numeric file name.  The latest file will appear at the top of the list.  To view the image before adding it to your binder you just click on the file name link.  When you are ready to add the image, select that file from the upload manager and click on the ‘Add to Binder’ link at the top to launch the LiveBinder It window.  From there you can add your image to your binder.

Special note to our subscribers: images will automatically upload as ‘Public’ files.  To change that to ‘Private,’ select the file and click on ‘Mark as Private’ at the top of the file manager.

To upgrade your iPad App to version 1.3 click here.

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