Multi-File Upload is Here!

click on My Uploaded Files to go to multi-file uploadOne of the huge advantages of using LiveBinders is the ability to upload files from your computer and combine them with web links in a single unified context. But, unfortunately, you had to upload one file at a time – until now!

To upload multiple files to LiveBinders, go to your “My Binders” page and click on “My Uploaded Files” on the dashboard.  This is where you can upload multiple files and as well as manage the files you have already uploaded.

Once you have uploaded files from that page, you can add them to your binders in one of two ways:

  1. On that same upload page, you can check the files you want to add and then click on the “Add To Binder…” link above the file list. This will open up multiple instances of “LiveBinder It” – one for each file.  (We know this interface is not perfect and we will improve it in future releases.)
    Add to binder link
  2. From inside your binder, go to Edit Menu > Insert Media > All My Tabs, and you can search for your files there. When you click on your file in this interface, it will be inserted in the current tab.
    Edit menu showing All My Tabs

Thank you to everyone who requested this feature!

The Hunt for “Clear Tab” is Over!

Speaking of our great community, I was on the phone the other day with one of our customers and she asked how to clear the content out of a tab.  I told her where to find the “clear” link and she said, “well that doesn’t belong there.”  She was right!  I’m so glad she brought that up. So we have moved “Clear tab contents” to where it belongs – under both the drop down tab menu and the edit tab menu pictured below:

We learn so much every time we talk to you. Thank you for being a great PLN!

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