New Player/Editor Features are Live!

The new features listed below are now up on the LiveBinders site. But I forgot to mention one of the new features in my previous post. You can now add collaborators from inside the binder. Just click on the “Add” pull down in the upper right corner of the binder.

1. More Readable Tabs
The most significant change is that main tabs will now be of a variable width and will overflow to multiple rows. We had lots of requests from our community to make those tabs more visible and to have the overflow go to multiple rows. Please note: If you have really long tab names some of your existing binders may look very different. If there are too may lines of tabs, you may want to consider shortening some of the tab names.

2. More Share Options
We have moved all of the share options from the bottom of the binder to the top of the binder. This provides a cleaner look to your binder and lets us fit in more ways to share binders. We now include Pinterest and Google+ in the share options.

3. Better Rating System
We are switching our rating system over to “useful” instead of using the star rating system. With our old star rating system, it wasn’t clear how many people had rated the binder, so the stars didn’t provide enough information on the value of the binder to the community. We believe that seeing how many people find a binder useful will be an easier way to judge its potential value to you. We have added the ability to sort by the most useful binder ratings as well!

A big thanks to those of you in our community who suggested these enhancements. Also a big thanks to Dean Mantz, Dawn Wall, Mike Fisher, and Angela Cunningham for reviewing, refining, and testing these new features!

If you are teaching classes on LiveBinders, feel free to contact us at any time to find out what changes are in the works. We love hearing from you!

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