A New Look/Navigation for LiveBinders Shelves

Tina and I are very excited to announce a new look for the LiveBinders shelf! We believe this look, combined with more logical navigation, will make it easier to find your way around the LiveBinders site.  Special thanks on this release go to Dawn Wall, Dean Mantz, and Mike Fisher for the valuable input that they provided while we were working on this.


We have also added some often requested features with this release which include:

  • List view of binders – We love those binders with long titles and descriptions, but sometimes they are hard to see, so we created a list view so you can see it all.
  • Search public shelves – Have you ever done a search and found too many binders? Try the same search on shelves, someone has probably already pulled the best binders into a shelf for you.
  • Link to tab – Have you ever wanted to share a specific tab in a binder? I do all the time when I send out the Tips and Tricks binder.  Now you can have the binder open directly to a specific tab or subtab of your choosing. Just click on the “E” at the bottom of the binder in the “Share” box and grab the URL from there.

There are lots of details about these new features in this video:

Thank you to everyone in our community for sending in those feature requests. We are working on a lot more of them, so if you don’t see yours today, don’t think that we forgot about you!

3 thoughts on “A New Look/Navigation for LiveBinders Shelves

  1. How do I find out what the url is for the new binder that I created so somebody else can find it on the livebinders web site?

    1. When you are in the binder, you can just grab the url from your browser, or click on the “E” in the Share box in the lower right corner. That will bring up a box with the url and other embed options.

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