A Couple of Changes to the “LiveBinder It” Bookmarklet

We just did a couple of updates to “LiveBinder It” that you may notice the next time you use it. Someone in our LiveBinders community pointed out that if you save a page to a subtab with “LiveBinder It”, we used to remove that part of the menu after it was done saving. This may have left you wondering, “Did I just save that to the right subtab?” We love our LiveBinders community for pointing these things out to us. So we fixed it so that you will see subtab that has your new link:

The second item was something that we noticed on twitter. It seemed that people wanted to post the link that they had just added to their binder. So we added an easy way for you to do that. There is now an option that lets you tweet out both the link and the binder after you use “LiveBinder It” to add something to your binder:

Thank you again to our LiveBinders community for letting us know what we need to work on! You are awesome!

One Response to A Couple of Changes to the “LiveBinder It” Bookmarklet

  1. bellevueid says:

    These are great additions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company so responsive to the needs of its customers. Thank you.

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