Teachers, your input needed!

We are working on an administrative interface for LiveBinders so that a teacher could sign up a group of students all at once and have the forgotten password emails come back to them. We have a couple of questions on how you would like this to work:

1. Would you like to upload a .csv file of student names or fill in a form?

2. How would you like to handle this at the end of the year? Would you like to transition the accounts to their parents, an administrator, or just remove them?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

8 Responses to Teachers, your input needed!

  1. aldewitt says:

    I want to be able to upload a .csv file BUT a lot of the teachers I work with will want to use a form

  2. mskaitlynmartin says:

    I would prefer a form. As for the end of the year issue, it’s probably easiest to remove the accounts, but I think the parent transfer option is a good one to have.

  3. mikefisher821 says:

    Howdy! I think this is a fantastic idea! I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in:

    In other services, there is an option. I know specifically with Wikispaces, it’s a one at a time thing, unless you have something beyond their base level service…then you get “User Creator” access and it allows a comma separated list, a CSV file, or an XLS file (thought most teachers are not going to know how to do that.) The important thing, I think, is how many clicks or options there are to do this…if it goes beyond 2 or 3, then half the people that are going to find value in it are going to be lost.

    I think CSV is the easiest way to go…and once you have it in place…some users will start using it immediately, and hopefully show their colleagues. Also, I’m sure there will be those that will make instructional screencasts (like ME!) to share with their networks about HOW to create and upload the CSV file.

    This is an exciting feature! I can’t wait to see it implemented!


  4. mikefisher821 says:

    Also, I forgot to mention that the one at a time option could be part of the free version of LiveBinders, and the CSV upload or multi-upload option could be part of a paid service!


  5. Thanks so much everyone for your input! It is a great help.

  6. ehelfant says:

    A csv file would be great- and it might be nice to be able to upload students as an institution with categories or tags corresponding to the courses so livebinders can be used with multiple classes but sorted – give kids a chance to add a course/tag/category in subsequent years- then transisioning happens when they graduate –

  7. rafranz dixon says:

    Definitely a .csv file. Many of us do this already for so many other programs…

    Love this idea!!!

  8. A csv file would be good but the problem I run into using emails for student accounts. Our district frowns on students having email accounts and it binds teachers’ hands in signing students up for things like Livebinders.

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