Classroom 2.0 Show

We had a fabulous turn out for the Classroom 2.0 show where we featured classroom uses of LiveBinders.  Listen and watch the show here.

Steven Anderson shared his twitter binder:

Karen Bolotin shared her Animal Web Cam and Classroom printables binder:

Dawn Wall shared her student book report binder:

Mike Fisher shared his Social Justice Project binder:

Becky Johnson shared her Web 2.0 projects binder:

Here is the binder from the session:

A huge thank you to our guests who shared their binders and everyone who attended.  It was great fun!

2 thoughts on “Classroom 2.0 Show

  1. Thank you all for your contributions to this fantastic presentation. You covered so many ideas and great examples of ways to use LiveBinders in education and I’m so glad we have the recording so we can go back and watch again, pausing to explore things further! LiveBinders is a simple yet powerful life changing tool for teachers!

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