Paperless Science Fair Project

My son just completed his science project.  (The topic was, “Which is smarter, his cat or his friend’s dog?”)  It had to be done on a huge poster board and he also printed lots of pictures and stuck them to the poster board.  When it was time to bring it in, I had to drive him to school because he was afraid the poster board would get damaged on the bus.

It made me think that is ironic that he is doing this project in “Earth Sciences” and yet the carbon footprint of the project is rather large.

So I was thrilled to see teachers asking students to use LiveBinders for their science projects.  What a great way to go paperless!  You could even create a wiki with all the projects so that parents and grandparents can see them as well.  The winning projects could be featured on the school website for all to see.

These kids will get to keep their Science Fair LiveBinder without clutter, and yet my son’s poster will hang around the house for a while until we get tired of it and put it in the recycling.

Here are a some examples of these paperless projects.  Some of these are not complete at time of this post:

Here is a Teacher’s example binder:

As an additional resource, here is KB Connected’s binder on science fair resources:

I have a deep admiration for the Science teacher(s) who made this leap to paperless science fair projects!

Just in case you were curious about the result of my son’s project, it is the cat who made it through the majority of the tests faster, proving (at least to his owner) his intellectual superiority.

2 thoughts on “Paperless Science Fair Project

  1. Wow, I thinks paperless science projects are really good and cool. It is not only advanced but also it is helping our Mother Earth.

    By the way, how did the cat win the tests?

    1. They did a series of tests that they got off the internet that were supposed to test the intelligence of a dog, like getting out from under a blanket to get a treat or going through a maze to get a treat. They timed each one and the cat won hands down.

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