Talking to High School Seniors

I have the honor of talking to high school seniors on “career day” this Wednesday at my local high school. I will be talking about working in the Information Technology industry.

But I could sure use some help! I have two 45 minute spots. I’m happy to talk about my experience in the industry, my rise from the assembly line to CEO of a company that I sold, the pros and cons of the industry, and what I value in employees as a manager. But is that what they really want to hear? How do I make this interesting and useful for them? How do I make it an interesting 45 minutes?

Please help! I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and insights!

3 Responses to Talking to High School Seniors

  1. VRBurton says:

    There are times when we will never have anything interesting for them. Major point is that you have a message that drives them to see the steps that you took to achieve your success. You are on the right track: show them how you got to where you are and show them what you see as important qualities needed in a valuable worker. My high schoolers do not often see the correlation between school and real life. As an English teacher that drives me crazy because COMMUNICATION is the key to all success.

    I saw this app the other day and had to incorporate it everywhere.

    Help them to see how fast the business is growing and changing. They need to see that if they are willing to work, they can carve out a spot for themselves. Good luck.

    • Thank you so much for your insights. I too remember not making the connection between school and the work world, so I can definitely spend some time on that. Love that app! Thank you so much for your guidance!

  2. Dean Mantz says:


    Have them collaborate on a binder by sharing 2 resources providing information on a career that interests them. Then they will have a large collection of possible careers to research and use the text layout option to provide 2 or 3 items listing why they are interested in that career. This way they learn about LiveBinders and how it can assist them research. But are focusing on their own careers via the motivation you provided during the discussion.

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