New Copy Features Added to LiveBinders

In response to several requests, we have added the following features to LiveBinders:

  1. No Copy Option – You now have a choice as to whether your public binders can be copied. By default, all binders can be copied.  To change your public binder to disable copy, go to  Edit Menu > Properties > Access and choose “Public – Copy Disabled”
    Public Copy Disabled
  2. Copy from Within a Binder – Now you can create a copy of a binder from within the binder you are viewing.  To copy, make sure you are logged in, then click on the ‘copy’ link located above the binder tabs next to comments.
    Copy from Within a Binder
  3. Embed from Within a Binder – You can now get the embed code for a binder from within that binder by clicking on the “E” icon next to the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of the binder page.
    Embed from within a Binder

Thank you to the LiveBinders users who reported bugs and requested features.  Please continue to let us know how to make LiveBinders better for you by sending email to

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