More Features for Teachers

Live Link

We had several teachers who requested the ability to open the web page from within the binder – essentially escape the confines of the binder. So now, in play or full screen mode, the link in the binder is a live link. Clicking on that link will take you out of the binder and to that web page.

Live Link in the Binder

Live Link in the Binder

Change Email Address

We also had requests to be able to change your email address. You can now do that. To change any information in your profile, just click on the link with your user name in the upper right corner of the LiveBinders page.

Link to Profile

Link to Profile

Formatting Clean Up

We also did some formatting clean up. We noticed that teachers were creating some amazingly comprehensive binders with many subtabs like this one:

Teaching Resources

So we just made that look a little better.

Please keep those requests coming! We are thrilled with the response from teachers and want to make sure that LiveBinders works well for you.

2 Responses to More Features for Teachers

  1. What is the chance of having the first sub tab load up, instead of having to click on it to load?

    People less aware of the format of LiveBinders may not think to click on the link to load the item and just think that it is an empty tab?

    • Thank you Jonathan for your excellent suggestion!

      We have been working on some ideas for that tab when you have subtabs. We will discuss your suggestion and see if there is a nice way to make that work.

      Thanks again!

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