Ladybugs in my Christmas Tree

Every year we go out to the tree farm and cut our own Christmas tree. It is a beautiful area with a stream running through it and I’ve always hoped that they can sell enough trees to keep it as beautiful as it is.

This year when we took the tree off of the car, we noticed quite a few ladybugs at the base of the stump. We left it outside for a little while for them to find a new home. I love how the ladybugs take care of the aphids in my garden in the spring, so I was hoping they would stick around.

Then we brought the tree in the house and within ten minutes of being in the warm environment, thousands of ladybugs thought it was spring! They were all hiding close in to the trunk, but the warmth of the house brought them out to the branches ready to launch into the warm air! We grabbed the tree and put it outside, but have been chasing ladybugs around the house ever since.

I did some research on the web to try and figure out how to give them a good place to overwinter, but from everything I’m reading, they would prefer to be in the house. It makes me think that putting that tree just outside the door was not a good move. Here are some of the sites I found on Ladybugs:

5 thoughts on “Ladybugs in my Christmas Tree

  1. Great Article! I have done two years of research on Ladybugs, with reveals that althought “aphids to Ladybugs”are like “steak to man” but they eat up to four insects besides aphids, which is one of the reason why the Christmas Tree Farm are using Ladybugs for Organic Farming. I have found that yes Ladybugs do migrate they will stay in your yard, garden, farm longer if you provide them with a nesting box. I have found good results with one design.

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