Eyelash Growth products

I walked into a cosmetic store the other day killing time before picking up the kids from school and couldn’t believe the eyelashes this young lady had.  I asked her if they were real and she said yes and began to tell me about this product called ‘Revitalash.’ 

First, I must tell you that her eyelashes were the most beautiful I’d ever seen – soft, long and lush both the top and the bottom lashes.  She told me that she applied a thin layer of this stuff right at the base of the hairline.  I asked if there were any side effects, she told me she hadn’t experienced any in the two years she’s used it.   She said that it was created by a opthamologist who’s wife had under gone chemotherapy and who had lost all of her beautiful lashes as a result.  He created this product for her.   She told me that a key ingredient is used for glaucoma patients.  I thought that was pretty interesting.

So I went online to find out more about this product and some others that also work to re-grow your lashes.  Click on the sub-tabs above to hear people’s testimony (from Amazon) and also other ‘blogs’ about the product.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Eyelash Growth products

  1. Our eyelashes are meant to protect our eyes from dust and other foreign matter. Besides this God-given practical function, eyelashes are used by most women as leverage in getting the attention of that someone they absolutely like. But undesirable cosmetic practices (such as not washing off mascara completely or gluing false eyelashes) and aging all play a role in our lashes falling out. Certain medication, chemotherapeutic drugs and other medical conditions like thyroid problems can also contribute to thinning eyelashes. And as any woman who has plucked lashes once for the sake of beauty knows, growing back one single eyelash is next to impossible.

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