New LiveBinders Release

We have a new release for you to try at LiveBinders. We would for love for you to try out LiveBinders and provide us with your comments.

If you haven’t tried LiveBinders yet, now is the time. It is a great way to organize bookmarks into attractive little packages that are easy to find and share.

New Features

  1. Easier binder editing – a new interface that is slimmed down and simpler, and now you can edit a binder from the binder viewer if you are logged in.
  2. Sort by Categories – Categories are now shown on the home page so that you can easily find binders that interest you.
  3. Bookmark directly to a binder – We’ve updated our bookmarklet tool so that you can now it is easier than ever to create new binders while you are browsing the web.

Your Binder on Our Banner

Have you built a great binder that you want to share? Send us a link to your binder and a short quote and we will feature it on our homepage banner!

Keep Those Emails Coming

Please take a look at this version and drop us an email with any suggestions – we want to make this product work for you!

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