Amazing Horses

I grew up with horses and have always found communication with them extremely easy and satisfying. They are beautiful, majestic animals that are so willing to work with us.

Well, at least most of them are. My sister had a Paso that was more interested in figuring out how to work against anyone who got in his way. Toby was an amazing horse who could open gates with his lips and scare the life out of any rider brave enough to take him on! He refused to tie-up to a hitching post – he would just pull back and break whatever was holding him. One day I thought I would “cure” him of this nasty habit and tied him up with two halters and three lead ropes to a post that wouldn’t move. After fighting as if his life depended on it for a while, he finally gave up and stood quietly. I approached him confidently, knowing that I had won this round and untied him. Silly me! I couldn’t get that horse within four feet of a fence or anything that I could possibly tie him to after that! I just hate being outsmarted by a horse!

But most horses are not like Toby. Sundance was my first horse. He was a mustang that had been severely abused. Blind in one eye, he had a fear of what he could see with his good eye and was absolutely terrified of what he couldn’t see with his blind eye. But as an awkward teenager, he was my dearest friend and confidant. We won many a gymkhana event and enjoyed many long days just hanging out together in the warm California sunshine. I miss him to this day!

Once a horse person – always a horse person. But these days I get my horse fix by collecting fun horse videos. Click on the binder below to sit back and be amazed!

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